College Advising Services.

At Katzman Advising, we work one-on-one with students and families to tackle any and all aspects of the admissions process- from building your preliminary college list to making your big decision on which school to attend.

Our range of services includes:

  • Client Intake - Careful review of academic records, writing samples, and extensive personal interview questions designed to gain a nuanced understanding of the student.

  • Personal Admissions Plan - Based on the intake, I prepare an applicant profile, application strategies, and timeline. The timeline and strategies vary based on where student is in college process.

  • Build and Review College List - Balanced, researched, and attuned to student’s goals, profile, and interests.

  • Academic Advising - Guidance for standardized testing, course selection, and enrichment activities.

  • Writing the Essays - Collaborative planning and editing on all written college materials, including the “college essay”, as well as any supplementary materials.

  • Time-Management and Communication - Every student is given an account on "College Planner Pro", a web-based college search and application management tool to track documents, deadlines, and communicate.

  • Strategic Advising on all College Matters - Manage the Common Application, prepare for interviews and college visits, develop a resume, and find scholarship and enrichment opportunities. If you have special application requirements, such as a portfolio or audition, I provide review services.

  • Research and Outreach - Working with a vast network of admissions colleagues, I track trends in admissions and work with my clients to ask the right questions of admissions offices.

  • Commitment - While clients are never "screened," I do limit my caseload by grade to ensure that each student receives equal attention.

  • Financial Aid - Discussion of financial aid forms and options; scholarship applications as needed.

  • Decision Making - Assistance in making a final decision concerning which colleges to attend.

  • Communication - Scheduled meetings to work on college matters, as well as session summaries, shared folder of documents, and frequent check-ins.

Selection of services vary according to the client’s grade, their goals, and where they are in the college process.