Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Who do you advise?

Katzman Advising is an inclusive practice. Everyone deserves access to great college advising, and I welcome students from all backgrounds and embrace a variety of college and career goals. However, most clients share a need for a personalized attention and an outlet for managing what can be a stressful process. Students may begin working with me as early as their freshman year, and I enjoy working with my clients through the entirety of their college application process. Come as you are!

How does it work?

College advising sessions happen both in-person in the Boston metro region, as well as virtually for both local and distance clients. I also perform many tasks outside of sessions to keep students making progress on their college plan.

What is the benefit?

The average high school student receives only 38 minutes of one-on-one college counseling during the entirety of their high school experience. The college process is simply too complex, too demanding, and too personal for this to work. Working with a college advisor gives students the time, space, and personal attention they need to develop their goals, produce their best work, and achieve success. Families also gain peace of mind knowing that there will be careful follow-through, attention to detail, and communication through each stage of the process.

How much should we expect to pay?

Pricing is customized to meet each individual’s goals and timeline and discussed during a complimentary introductory consultation. In addition to comprehensive advising plans, we offer hourly and a la carte services, such as a “Senior Rush” package, and essay/application review services.